{June 7, 2006}   Wicked Swap

I had a lot of fun with my Wicked swap. I haven't seen the musical, but I did read the book.

What I sent-


Picture Frame

Tote Bag

Bottle cap Necklace  

I recieved—


A Pareu

Necklace, Earrings and Beads


{June 3, 2006}   United in Pink

What does a 20 foot pink scarf look like?

Your probably wondering why I knitted a 20 foot long pink scarf. It's to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer. It's a part of the 50 mile long pink scarf that is being put together by United In Pink. They are rasing money and awareness by making a 50 mile long pink scarf and they are asking people to help knit the scarf and donate money. They hope to have the scarf done by October 2006 which happens to be Breast Cancer Awarenss Month. You may or may not know that Doug's Mom Martha passed away from breast cancer in March of 2004. I thought it was only fitting that I participate in the making of this scarf since she was the one who taught me to knit.

et cetera