{September 2, 2006}   Knit On

Until last weekend I hadn’t picked up my knitting needles since finishing the baby blanket. I guess you could say I was knitted out. Last weekend I picked my needles back up and made a bunny washcloth.

I found the pattern here. The bunny is second from the bottom. I’m working on my second purple one then I’m going to switch to black yarn and make a couple. It’s fast and easy so I’ve been knitting them while at work.

I also started another pair of socks. This pair is for me. I wanted Magic Stripes, but couldn’t find any so I purchased Caron’s Simply Soft Shadows. I eventually found Magic Stripes at the Benfranklin in Kernersville, the last place I would have thought to look. Once I finish up my Shadows socks I’m going to start on my Magic Stripes sock.

I’m also going to start another sweater. I bought Big Girl Knits and am planning to make the Lift and Separate Wrap. I need to find a substitute yarn since the yarn it calls for isn’t washable and dryable. I’m way too messy to even think about making something I can’t throw in the washer and dryer.


{July 18, 2006}   Dress Dilemma

I’m leaving in 10 days for my SIL’s wedding and I still don’t have a dress. On Saturday I was feeling ambitious and decided I would make something. INSANITY! Anyway, I went through my patterns and picked out Simplicity 4164 for the top and Butterick’s B4470 (the first one on the left) for the skirt. Then I went and bought this fabric…

I’m kind of afraid I’m going to end up looking like a table cloth.

I have a plan for making this outfit and it’s broken into 4 phases

Phase 1

Spend all weekend and Monday working on it

Phase 2

Completely ignore the whole thing

Phase 3

Panic! Realize that I’m leaving in 2 days and I haven’t touch the outfit. Plus I still have to pack and scrub our apartment (I can’t let the petsitter see the dust buffaloes under my bed)

Phase 4

Continue to panic then run out and buy something at the last minute.

Doug doesn’t really like this plan, but that’s probably what is going to happen

Just because she’s cute….. a picture of Muggie enjoying the little bits of paper from where I cut the patterns. She loves to catch them and bat them around. You should have seen the livingroom floor once I was done.

{July 9, 2006}   Baby Blanket Blues

I finished the baby blanket I was making for a co-worker. I thought I had a much longer time to get it done since she isn’t due until August. I had two weeks to knit the whole thing before the baby shower. I made the deadline with a day to spare.

The pattern is the Fun Stitch Baby Blanket. I used a garter stitch instead of a seed stitch. I kept screwing up the seed stitch and having to rip it back out so I decided to go with an easier garter stitch.

{June 21, 2006}   Checkerboard Cake–Attempt 1

My first attempted at the checkerboard cake wasn't that great. I got a checkerboard pattern, but it wasn't very pretty. The squares aren't exactly square. The cake itself was horrible. I used the recipe on the box the pans came in. It was dry and had no taste. Next time I'll stick to Duncan Hines, he seems to know what he's doing.

This is why I do not cook. I am a very organized person. I have good attention to detail. Sadly, it all goes right out the door when I attempt to cook. Take my jambalaya, I've made jambalaya before. It's come out pretty good if I do say so myself, but not this time. First of all, I bought crushed tomatoes instead of diced tomatoes. Then, I completely forgot to buy the chicken broth. Half way through the making of the jambalaya I realize this. I end up digging a can of turkey broth out of the shelf and adding a cup of water. It came out way too tomato-y. It was more like tomato rice. Yuck. I asked Doug what he thought and he responded "You know I love you, right?"

 I bought a checker board cake pan yesterday. I have always wanted to attempt a checker board cake. I have some crazy notion that I can actually accomplish this. I'm going to make it for Father's Day so I'll let you know how it turns out. Hopefully it will be better than the jambalaya.

{June 3, 2006}   United in Pink

What does a 20 foot pink scarf look like?

Your probably wondering why I knitted a 20 foot long pink scarf. It's to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer. It's a part of the 50 mile long pink scarf that is being put together by United In Pink. They are rasing money and awareness by making a 50 mile long pink scarf and they are asking people to help knit the scarf and donate money. They hope to have the scarf done by October 2006 which happens to be Breast Cancer Awarenss Month. You may or may not know that Doug's Mom Martha passed away from breast cancer in March of 2004. I thought it was only fitting that I participate in the making of this scarf since she was the one who taught me to knit.

et cetera