{June 20, 2006}   June SOTM

The theme was favorite animal or pet. I chose cats, specifically black cats.

The best swap item I've ever received. I love love love this bag. It has now become my purse. It even kind of looks like Nae Nae (round).

Each cat also got their own cat toy with their name on it.

The package I sent—

I also made a set of address labels, but there wasn't a way to take a picture without posting my partner's address on the internet. I'm sure she'll appreciate it if I don't do that.


{June 15, 2006}   Color Swap

I did the Color Swap on Craftster. It was a secret swap and you had to stalk your partner. The only info you were given was their favorite colors. My partner chose black, blue and green.

I sent—

I picked purple as my favorite color. No suprise there.

 I received—

Close up of the Chesire Cat that was painted on the jar of laffy taffy. If I ever remember to take it to work I'll put it in my cubicle.

{June 7, 2006}   Wicked Swap

I had a lot of fun with my Wicked swap. I haven't seen the musical, but I did read the book.

What I sent-


Picture Frame

Tote Bag

Bottle cap Necklace  

I recieved—


A Pareu

Necklace, Earrings and Beads

et cetera