{July 18, 2006}   Dress Dilemma

I’m leaving in 10 days for my SIL’s wedding and I still don’t have a dress. On Saturday I was feeling ambitious and decided I would make something. INSANITY! Anyway, I went through my patterns and picked out Simplicity 4164 for the top and Butterick’s B4470 (the first one on the left) for the skirt. Then I went and bought this fabric…

I’m kind of afraid I’m going to end up looking like a table cloth.

I have a plan for making this outfit and it’s broken into 4 phases

Phase 1

Spend all weekend and Monday working on it

Phase 2

Completely ignore the whole thing

Phase 3

Panic! Realize that I’m leaving in 2 days and I haven’t touch the outfit. Plus I still have to pack and scrub our apartment (I can’t let the petsitter see the dust buffaloes under my bed)

Phase 4

Continue to panic then run out and buy something at the last minute.

Doug doesn’t really like this plan, but that’s probably what is going to happen

Just because she’s cute….. a picture of Muggie enjoying the little bits of paper from where I cut the patterns. She loves to catch them and bat them around. You should have seen the livingroom floor once I was done.


{June 24, 2006}   Dog Gone It

The dog has a new home. Instead of being stuck in our apartment she now has 3 wonderful acres to run around on and a couple of kids fighting over who gets to give her attention. I'm sure she's in doggie heaven. As a going away present I made her a new bed.

I love the fleece that I found to use as a cover. You can't tell from the close up, but one of the dogs actually looks like her.

Here she is on her last day with us.

et cetera